Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Davis, California

Sketch by Pete Scully, Davis, Calif.
"What I think I really like about this book is that I feel so familiar with most of the work, through following all these urban sketchers over the years. Some of them I was less familiar with and can now discover or rediscover without having to click here or scroll down there. The biggest pleasure though is that this is all work by a community of sketching friends, many of whom I have had the honour of sketching alongside and learning from in person. Every time I pick it up, I want to go and draw something. And I’m sure you will too! The thing about urban sketching is that it’s accessible to all, all you need is soemthing to draw with and something to draw on. Oh, and something to look at, of course, and what better thing to look at than the town or city where you live?"—Pete Scully
See more work by book contributor Pete Scully on his blog and flickr. Scully is originally from London and lives in Davis, California.

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